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Details on the new Sim Pedals Baseplate

Heusinkveld Engineering will introduce an all new baseplate design at the end of this month, suitable for use with our Sim Pedals Pro and Sim Pedals Ultimate. While many of our customers choose to mount the individual pedals directly to their simulator rig, in certain situations using an additional stable mounting platform is preferred. Our new […]

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Race Seat Prototyping

Expanding our assembly-team earlier this year has also enabled us to put a larger focus on product development. One of the projects is a study into a simulator rig, where especially the the seating position is essential in order to make it suitable for driver training. Especially in simulators for Formula-cars you need to be […]

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Sim Handbrake Released

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released our Sim Handbrake. The Sim Handbrake is a true pressure sensitive (load cell technology) and very robust handbrake solution for use with PC based racing simulations. Apart from being a very durable system, it also offers a lot of flexibility. Various force levels can be set on the […]

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