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Technical support page online

Since a lot of new owners are currently receiving their Sim Pedals Pro and Sim Pedals Ultimate, we have created a page which offers installation instructions and technical support for our new pedal sets. Information on mounting the pedals, calibration and adjusting the pedals can be found in the Support section. If you have suggestions […]

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Pedals Electronics Development Update

When developing simulation pedals both the mechanical and electronical engineering need to be of the highest quality. A good mechanical design can be ruined by lacking or faulty electronics: If the pedal signals are not accurate (or become flakey over time) the simulation experience is seriously compromised. For the pedal sets which are currently under […]

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Sim Pedals Development Update

We’re developing several new products which are due to go on sale this fall. At the moment we’re focussing on the development of two types of pedal sets. Both of the sets will feature a very durable design using the highest-quality materials available. One of the sets will be able to simulate pedal forces as […]

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