Company Profile

Heusinkveld Engineering develops cutting edge race simulation solutions and is located in Groningen, the Netherlands. The company originally started as a subcontractor for other companies in the field of automotive and motorsport simulations. As per january 2012 Heusinkveld Engineering set out to create a propietary portfolio of services and products, both hardware and software.

Who we work for

Our products and services are used by both prosumers and professional race teams and drivers, including teams and drivers active in Formula Ford, GP3, GP2 and Formula 1. We also develop vehicle models for a number of software companies.  A selection of our clients is listed below.

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Arden Reiza Studios Guido vd Garde

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Affiliated Drivers

The following drivers are running Heusinkveld Engineering branding.

The team

Niels Heusinkveld & Svend van der Vlugt

The core team of Heusinkveld Engineering consists of 4 FTE and is assisted by freelancers in various roles. The company management consists of Niels Heusinkveld & Svend van der Vlugt.

Niels Heusinkveld – Lead Technical Developer (LinkedIn)

Already interested in pc based racing simulations at a very young age, Niels went on to study Mechanical Engineering as well as Technology Management. After initially pursuing other career options, a strong desire to improve publicly available simulation software brought Niels into the field of professional simulator development. Niels is the lead technical developer for Heusinkveld Engineering.

Svend van der Vlugt – Business Developer (LinkedIn)

Svend has a background in International Economics, graduating on a thesis researching evidence of induced innovation in the automotive industry. Being an avid follower of real life motorsports as well as a simulation software enthusiast, Svend currently has the role of business developer at Heusinkveld Engineering.