Details on the new Sim Pedals Baseplate

Heusinkveld Engineering will introduce an all new baseplate design at the end of this month, suitable for use with our Sim Pedals Pro and Sim Pedals Ultimate. While many of our customers choose to mount the individual pedals directly to their simulator rig, in certain situations using an additional stable mounting platform is preferred.

Our new Sim Pedals Baseplate offers two main improvements over the previous design:

G25/G27 mounting hole compatibility
The baseplate is compatible with G25/G27 mounting holes, allowing for easy installation on many available simulator rigs. Alternatively, the brackets can also be mounted to the side of the baseplate in a wider layout.

Straight or angled mounting brackets
Depending on your rig, you have the option to choose the straight/parallel brackets or angled brackets. The angled brackets are specifically designed for rigs which come with a proprietary pedal mounting plate which is inclined towards the seat.

The angled brackets tilt the Sim Pedals Baseplate by 15 degrees. This offsets the default plate inclination from your rig creating a horizontal mounting platform for your Sim Pedals. In most cases, this will also elevate the position of the pedals, enhancing ergonomics and resulting in a more realistic driving position where the pedal box and seat are at a more level position relative to eachother.

The schematic of the new baseplate can be seen below.

Sim Pedals Baseplate Schematic - May 2015 onwards

The baseplate will be available for sale with the next batches of Sim Pedals Pro and Sim Pedals Ultimate. Please note that although the product is already listed in our webshop, the product photos still need to be updated. Our previous baseplate design will be discontinued.


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