Development Update: Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Rig

We’d like to give you a development update with regard to a new product we will release in a few weeks time: The Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Rig.

At the end of last year we brought this simulator to the Simracing Expo, which got a very positive response. We have therefore decided to further develop the bracket kit which, combined with standard aluminium profiles, allows you to build this simulator frame yourself.

Product description
The powdercoated aluminium bracket kit will contain the following parts:

  • A pedal plate, compatible with HE Sim Pedals Pro and HE Sim Pedals Ultimate.
  • An adjustable steering wheel bracket, compatible with all major Direct Drive wheels and the Fanatec CSW V2 (required spacers for the CSW V2 are included).
  • A mounting bracket for the HE Sim Shifter Sequential.
  • A mounting bracket for the HE Sim Handbrake.
  • Adjustable seat mounts, designed to serve as a mount for various GT-style racing seats.
  • Brackets for an adjustable triple monitor stand (allowing the stand to be an integral part of the rig).
  • Three 10 x 10 and 7,5 x 7,5 VESA brackets.
  • Four feet which support the rig.

This bracket kit will be sold as a complete kit only, there will be no sale of individual components. A few quick photos of several sets of these brackets can be seen below.

With this bracket kit, customers then have 3 options to build a complete sim rig:

  • Order the optional standard aluminium profile kit, which will be supplied by us.
  • Source these aluminium profiles yourself, using the parts list which we’ll supply.
  • Source aluminium profiles according to your own design specs. You’ll have complete freedom to integrate just these brackets in any other sim rig design.

Key design features
In this video the rig runs a brake pedal which requires 120kg of force in order to reach maximum brake output, and a Direct Drive wheel which runs at 24nm of force. This shows that our Sim Rig is a very solid construction with zero flex and minimal vibration vibration in our components, even under heavy use. This ultra-strong design is achieved with a very lean construction and minimal use of parts.

All brackets will be made of waterjet cut 10mm or 15mm thick aluminium and are finished with a powder coat. The brackets in the photos in this article are black, we are considering a second color option. The photos below show a VESA bracket and gives you a good idea of the quality and structure of the powder coat finish.

The pedal plate has pre-drilled slots for HE Sim Pedals Pro and Sim Pedals Ultimate. Other pedal systems are not supported out of the box. The pedal plate is made of aluminium, so you may be able to add your own drill pattern for other brands of pedals relatively easy.

The mounting brackets for the shifter and handbrake support the HE Sim Shifter Sequential and HE Sim Handbrake only.

The triple monitor mount has 20×20 VESA mounts and has been designed for 3 x 27″ monitors. The monitors can be positioned right on top of the steering wheel motor, allowing for an almost 180 degrees field-of-view.

The seat brackets are designed to be compatible with most major GT-seat manufacturers which offer mounting points from the side. In the video mentioned in this article we use this seat.

The wheel bracket is compatible with the following wheels:

  • Leo Bodnar SimSteering system.
  • SimExperience Accuforce wheel.
  • Commonly used OSW Lenze, Mige & Kollmorgen AKM 52-54 motors.
  • Fanatec CSW V2.

A few photos showing the Accuforce and CSW V2 wheel in the wheel bracket can be seen below.

Estimated release date
We’re currently assembling and testing the first production run of these brackets. If all goes well, the Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Rig will be available for ordering at the end of this quarter. If you want to be notified in advance when it goes on sale, or have other questions about this product, feel free to send us an email at .

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