Introducing our new Sim Pedals Baseplate

One of the distinctive features of our pedal sets is the possibility to mount every pedal individually. While many rigs already offer a good platform to mount our pedals, we also noticed a number of setups where mounting the pedals proved more difficult or the area in which the pedals were mounted showed excessive flex under load.

For this reason we decided to design a modular mounting platform: the Sim Pedals Baseplate. The system consists of 3 subplates (2 mounting plates for the pedal and a heel plate), combined with two ‘runners’ which may be used to link all the parts together and create one strong assembly.

It is a generic solution which will fit both our Pro and Ultimate pedal sets. This means that if you decide to upgrade from a Pro to an Ultimate pedal set at some time in the future, you’re able to retain the Baseplate. Simply shifting the subplates will allow you to mount both pedals sets.

Installing our Sim Pedals on this baseplate does not mean that you lose the option to position the pedals individually. The mounting ‘feet’ of every pedal can slide forward/backward 2,5 cm (1 inch), so pedals can be offset in order to create, for example, a more optimal position for heel-toe braking techniques. On the baseplate itself, you can also slide every individual pedal to the left or right by 2 cm (0,8 inch). This allows you to vary the side-to-side clearance of two adjacent pedals by 4 cm.

With every baseplate we will supply a set of bolts and nuts which allows you to securely mount the pedals to the baseplate, and mount the baseplate and runners to your rig. The Sim Pedals Baseplate will go on sale at the end of next week. We will then also have our Sim Pedals Pro back in stock.

For a closer look, check out the video below.

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