Looking back at the SimRacing EXPO 2016!

At the 16-17-18th of September Heusinkveld Engineering was present at the SimRacing EXPO 2016. We want to thank all visitors, exhibotors and the EXPO organization for a very succesful event!

This was the third year the SimRacing EXPO was held and we could clearly see the event is growing a lot. The amount of visitors was significantly higher compared to last year and both the simulators we brought have been running continuously for drivers who wanted to try our products.

We also noticed a large increase in foreign visitors, with both simracers and possible trading partners present from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, South-Africa, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada. Simracing knows no borders and it was great seeing people from all over the world present at the Nürburgring.

A special thanks goes out to the guys from CORE Motorsports and in a broader sense the whole German community for making us feel welcome and sharing a few drinks with us on Saturday night.

We have posted 3 albums with photos (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) on our Facebook page, if you want to see them please click the link below:

For those of you who missed Niels Heusinkveld his Simracing Setup Lecture during the EXPO: We recorded one of the sessions and it can be viewed at Niels his personal Youtube channel.

We’ll be back in 2017!

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