New office update

We were able to tell you at the end of June that we are going to move to a new office. The work on our new location is nearing it’s completion so we’d like to share some photos of the building process.

Our new office will give us approximately 4x more space compared to our current location. Customers who have visited us over the past few months will be able to attest that at our current location we’re pretty much working in between stacks of boxes. This will all soon be a thing of the past, as our new office will have separate areas for warehousing, assembly, a simulator room, meeting room, office space and even a small canteen (with pinball machine).

The photos below show the progress we made on the ground floor.  This area will primarily be used as warehousing, assembly and shipping area (with space for additional projects as well). It used to be a rather dark, concrete colored area and we wanted it too look a bit more like this. We painted the ceiling and the main steel structure in white. We also applied a white epoxy coating to the floor, which has completely transformed this area. And yes, that is Niels prepping the floor before we applied the coating!

A big advantage of our new office it that it has a large cargo door, which will make it a lot easier to process incoming and outgoing goods. A disadvantage was however that this door was completely closed, blocking all daylight. We decided to replace the old door with a new transparent solution. This new transparent facade will also give our office a much more ‘open’ look which should make our visitors feel a bit more welcome! The photos below show the old and new situation. Please note that we still need to remove the logo’s from the previous owner.

Upstairs all the walls got a new layer of paint and we installed a new floor. In the photos below you’ll get a general impression of the layout upstairs where the offices, simulator room, meeting room etc. will be located.

With a large part of the construction work done, we’ll now start building the shelving units, work benches, desks etcetera. If everything goes according to plan, we will  be moving to our new location at the end of October. We hope to welcome a lot of you in Groningen to drive a few laps in our simulators once everything is ready!

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