Advanced Vehicle Simulation

Driving a racing car at the limit is a rewarding experience. Most simulators fail to reproduce this feeling. Cars have too much grip and understeer, or it is far too difficult to catch oversteer.

We provide ‘data-driven’ modeling of any type of racecar within a realistic simulation environment. Processing real life vehicle geometry and weight data, telemetry data and windtunnel aero maps with our in-house developed tooling, we’re able to deliver astonishing correlation between simulated and real life vehicle performance indicators.

Our software greatly improves car drivability. The driving style becomes more realistic and telemetry could easily be mistaken for being real. A spreadsheet lets you intuitively adjust the car setup and launch the simulator. The simulation software is modified on-the-go so you are in the cockpit within as little as 2 mouse clicks!

Available Models

We’re able to provide tailor-made modeling of any other type of racecar, whether it be open-wheel cars, GT’s or tintops. If you want to drive your car of choice in a realistic racing simulator, contact us.