Professional race teams and drivers often use consumer-grade hardware in their simulators. These products either lack in design, making it difficult to train real-life techniques, or lack strength and durability to accurately simulate the forces experienced in a race car.

At Heusinkveld Engineering we are committed to develop A-grade hardware solutions, providing maximum realism at an affordable price. Our products have been designed in-house using a CAD system, along with complex calculations to predict all the forces felt by a driver, resulting in an astonishing accuracy.

We currently have various types of pedal sets as well as input peripherals such as a handbrake and sequential shifter for sale. An H-pattern gear shifter is under development. These systems can easily be mounted in any simulation environment and connected to a PC. Check out the hardware we currently have on offer in our shop.

We’re also offering a full-fledged GT-simulator which integrates all high-end solutions in a single compact frame. These are built-to-order and are not listed in our webshop. For specific projects like these, contact us.