Race Seat Prototyping

Expanding our assembly-team earlier this year has also enabled us to put a larger focus on product development. One of the projects is a study into a simulator rig, where especially the the seating position is essential in order to make it suitable for driver training. Especially in simulators for Formula-cars you need to be able to put the driver in a tight, confined space as well as giving the driver just enough room in the right places to move around his or her elbows in order to steer. Unless you use a full tub, no proper seating solutions are available to propely seat a driver in a Formula-style position.

In the photo’s you’ll see a 1/4 scale mold of what might eventually end up to be a full scale seat. The frame of the mold is cut out of MDF, the open space within the mold now still needs to be filled. A prototype seat will then be constructed by applying layers of polyester to the mold. The base shape of the seat will be constructed around the outer edge of the construction.

This project is still in it’s very early stages. There is no information yet on possible release dates or pricing.

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