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Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate are suitable for high-end professional motorsport simulators. A strong, stiff, compact and durable design using custom developed 12bit USB electronics for an instant and accurate response. Maximum brake force is 136kg (300lbs), maximum clutch force is 45kg (100lbs). Fully adjustable pedal geometry and pedal force. Adjustable hydraulic damping on every individual pedal. These pedals are capable of simulating the pedal forces as experienced in F1 and LMP-cars.



Race simulations are getting more and more realistic. If you want to up your game, standard pedals won’t do the job. Heusinkveld Engineering presents some of the highest quality, most adjustable and affordable pedals on the market: the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate. This high-end pedal set can be used in the most demanding environments and is capable of simulating the pedal forces as experienced in F1 and LMP-cars.

Key Design Features
Designed with CAD and FEA, all structural parts are CNC precision laser cut stainless steel. The pedals are strong, stiff, compact and durable. Mathematical models were made to calculate pedal travel and operating force, predicting with great accuracy how each pedal feels in all of its many different configurations. Design tolerances have been optimized in order to have a minimal amount of unnecessary play.

Load cells measure throttle and clutch position and brake pressure. Unlike designs with rotary potentiometers, load cells provide true linear output in relation to your pedal input. Their accuracy and durability are unmatched as they do not wear over time.

Custom developed 12bit USB electronics make sure each pedal responds instantly and accurately in your favorite simulator software. Travel is adjustable from 10° to 20° on the throttle and from 14° to 24° on the clutch. All end stops are ‘soft’ for a quality and neighbor friendly sound and feel.


Full-hydraulic system
The Sim Pedals Ultimate are a full-hydraulic pedal set. Every individual pedal features an adjustable hydraulic damper. As pedal assemblies in real cars have hydraulic flow through hoses, tubes and cylinders, we use these to simulate the damping effect that these assemblies normally provide.

The brake and the clutch both feature a 2-way damper. This damper adds resistance depending on how fast the pedal is pressed or released. The throttle pedal features a damper which resists speed at the ingoing stroke. This helps with smoothing the throttle application and it is also used on some real race cars for this purpose. The resistance of all dampers can be adjusted.


Material surface finish
All stainless steel metal profiles are bead blasted with glass beads before assembly. This results in a high quality semi-gloss metallic look with a minimum of sharp edges.

Smooth, accurate and greatly adjustable, the throttle pedal gives you excellent control with exactly the travel, pre-load and spring stiffness you prefer. The charts on this page show the various travel and resistance curves for each pedal. The values are measured at the ball of the foot where force is applied.

The dual stage brake system consists of an initial coil spring, simulating the pad to disc gap and progressive rubber springs. The pedal firmness is adjusted by selecting from 10 different rubber stack heights. With 136kg or 300lbs max force, this pedal easily requires 36x more effort than regular consumer grade brake pedals. Braking using muscle memory improves accuracy and consistency.


Clutch pedals often get lighter towards the end of their travel. The Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate feature a regressive spring mechanism allowing you to greatly adjust the effort, travel and feel. The maximum pedal effort of 45kg or 100lbs is again far greater than that of regular consumer grade pedals, but lighter settings are easily selected. Various obtainable feel settings are drawn in the chart below.

Every set of Sim Pedals comes with a USB-controller and a USB-cable. The controller has 3 RJ-sockets with a load cell amplifier to which the pedals are connected. Additionally, the controller features connectors for 12 buttons and 4 regular analogue axes. This means that you can connect additional hardware such as button boxes, shifters and rotaries to the board.

Product Video

The video belows gives you an extensive 360 degrees look at the Sim Pedals Ultimate.

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  1. In the past I have owned CST F1, Emery Tilton Gen III, and HE prototype (one of the first six) pedals.

    I decided to change out my HE prototype pedals to the HE Ultimate pedals to get some weight savings and better fine-tuning adjustability of the mount for better heel/toe ergonomics in my particular setup. The adjustability is everything I could ask for. I was quickly able to adjust the “stack-o-matic” to replicate the feel I had in the HE prototype brake (which I really think has been the best brake I’ve ever felt). On all pedals, it was really easy to adjust travel and stiffness, followed by adjusting the accelerator pedal arm position to line up for heel/toe.

    I haven’t spent much time with them yet, but so far, I’m very impressed with the feel and the thoughtful engineering in all aspects of these pedals. The custom HE Pedals/Bodnar board is a nice touch with all three load cells terminating in one place. All the bushings and fasteners are high quality and appear to be purposefully selected. The materials are cut with sharp tolerances. The springs are held in position and seem unlikely that they will migrate out of place. Overall, installation is anxiety free because of the slotted feet and other adjustments which mean perfectionists like myself have plenty of adjustability without drilling additional holes. I very much appreciate all the time and attention spent on every aspect of these pedals.

    Here is my initial brake setup to replicate the Skip Barber RT2000 (I’m a few weeks removed from the real thing):
    1 40 mm white rubber
    1 25 mm white rubber
    6 std black spacers total (3 std in the spring area)
    1 lg black spacer (spring area)

    I’m only about 20 laps in, but very pleased with the HE ultimate pedals.

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