Sim Handbrake Development Update

In the past few months we’ve been making steady progress on the Sim Handbrake. After the first prototype a number of improvements and alterations have been made. The main improvement is that we’ve come up with a fully adjustable brake handle which can be adjusted in a 120 degree angle with infinite steps. This will allow anyone to position the base of the brake in a horizontal or vertical position, and still be able to position the handle in the most suitable way. An image showing the various adjustments can be seen below.


The Sim Handbrake is using a load cell as sensor. The current design is the final design and we will be putting a first batch of those on sale this month. This first batch will not yet include a USB-controller, so you will need to hook up the load cell to a load cell amplifier yourself.

Early 2015 we will be offering the handbrake with an integrated USB-controller, so you will no longer need a seperate load cell amplifier. This controller will offer both an analogue mode (in which it acts as an analogue axis) as well as a digital mode (in which it acts as a button). In ‘digital mode’, the exact point at which the button is activated can be calibrated freely.

The version without the integrated controller, which goes on sale this December, will be available at a discounted price compared to the version with the integrated controller. Once these sell out, the Sim Handbrake will then only be available with an integrated controller.


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