Sim Handbrake Released

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released our Sim Handbrake. The Sim Handbrake is a true pressure sensitive (load cell technology) and very robust handbrake solution for use with PC based racing simulations.

Apart from being a very durable system, it also offers a lot of flexibility. Various force levels can be set on the lever, and the angle of the lever can be adjusted in 120 degrees in infinite steps. A few photos of the Sim Handbrake can be seen below.

Currently we’re offering a version without USB-controller. This means that you will have to connect the handbrake to a load cell amplifier combined with a USB-controller (such as our Sim Pedals Controller).

In Q1 2015 we will also release a version which has an integrated USB-controller. This controller will offer both an analogue mode (in which it acts as an analogue axis) as well as a digital mode (in which it acts as a button). In ‘digital mode’, the exact point at which the button is activated can be calibrated freely.

For more information, visit our shop or read the Sim Handbrake support page.

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