Sim Rig & Stock Update

With most products in our shop sold out and work ongoing on bringing our new Sim Rig product to the market, we’d like to give you an update when we expect to be able to ship these items.

Sim Rig
The Heusinkveld Sim Rig is a new product which is close to being released. It is a strong yet compact GT-style cockpit solution, which allows you to rigidly mount your pedals, wheel, shifter, handbrake, seat and triple monitors in one integrated solution.

The parts of this product are currently being produced. After production, the waterjet cut aluminium brackets will receive a powder coat. The color options for the brackets will be black, blue or red. The standard aluminium profiles will be available in standard aluminium color (grey) only when ordered through us.

Work is also ongoing on a printed manual with photos and schematics, as well as packaging. A compact packaging is quite crucial since we want to keep the shipping prices as reasonable as possible when shipping around the globe.

You’ll find a few schematics of the Sim Rig product below. Please note that your final simulator will of course look a lot more ‘finished’ after mounting a seat, screens, wheel, pedals etcetera. If all goes well, we expect to be taking orders for this product at the end of May. More information on this product can be found here.

Sim Pedals Pro, Sim Pedals Ultimate & Sim Handbrake
Assembly of new batches of these products is finished, we are currently awaiting delivery of the controllers (electronics). Once these are in, the products will go on sale again. This is expected to be this month (May).

Sim Shifter Sequential & Sim Baseplate
These items are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

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