Sim Shifter Sequential Development Update

After selling a first prototype batch of our Sim Shifter Sequential, we’ve recently been making progress on the electronics which will be a part of the final design. The prototype version of the shifter featured 2 microswitches which detected the motion of the shifter lever. The signals from these switches were then routed to an external controller which was integrated in the USB-plug.

For the final version we aim to have all electronics integrated within the shifter unit. Since we want to have a very compact design, we worked towards a small PCB which holds all electronical components and which can be sandwiched between the sides of the casing of the shifter. A few photos can be seen below.

Those of you who already own a set of Sim Pedals will be happy to see the dual connector on the PCB. It will be possible to use either an USB-cable and plug it directly into your PC, or use a molex-style cable and interface the shifter through your existing pedal controller board. This has the advantage that both the pedals and the shifter will be recognized as a single, integrated device.

We expect a small batch of new prototype shifters (featuring the new PCB) to go on sale in a few weeks time. If everything goes well with the new proto’s, the final version of the shifter will be released afterwards.

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