Sim Shifter Sequential Review by BoxThisLap

Gonzalo Cámara has posted a review of our Sim Shifter Sequential at his BoxThisLap weblog. You can read it here. Gonzalo offers the following final conclusion about our shifter:

“The HE shifter has been a relatively new addition to the company catalog but it feels polished for decades. The feeling is wonderful and it works like you’d expect, without failure. Its external aspect follows the usual guideline in the company being a rock solid stainless steel piece closer to the profesional racing hardware rather than commercial simracing hardware. There’s no doubt it will be a great addition to any simracer’s cockpit looking for better immersion without excluding best quality.”

We highly recommend not only reading the review but also the other parts of his weblog which contains a lot of useful articles for simracing enthusiasts.

If you are interested in our Sim Shifter Sequential, it is in stock and ready for shipping. For EU-customers the price is 209EUR + shipping, non EU-customers (who do not have to pay 21% VAT/Tax) can order the shifter for 172,72EUR + shipping.

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