Pedal Selection Guide

Our pedal sets are being used by professional drivers and teams, simracing enthusiasts as well as companies who operate simulators in a commercial environment. This guide will help you determine which of our pedal sets is most suitable for you. At the bottom of the page you will find a specsheet which compares the different sets we offer.

Sim Pedals Ultimate
The Sim Pedals Ultimate are suitable for high-end professional motorsport simulators. They are our top-of-the-line product and are designed to deliver the forces such as experienced in real life racing cars, with the brake able to detect forces of up to 136kg. You will find these pedals in simulators used by GT and formula teams and drivers up to and including GP2 and F1.

Compared to our other pedal sets, the Sim Pedals Ultimate utilize hydraulic dampers in order to simulate the subtle effect of a real hydraulic systems. On the clutch and the brake this is a 2-way hydraulic damper. On the throttle pedal it is a 1-way damper (which acts on the ingoing stroke). The effect of the hydraulic damper can be adjusted.

The metal parts from the Sim Pedals Ultimate have a high-quality bead blasted finish, resulting in a smooth crisp look.

If you are a professional racing driver or team, these are the pedals you need. These pedals may also be suitable for simracing enthusiasts, but be aware that these pedals typically require significantly higher operation forces compared to our Sim Pedals Pro.


Sim Pedals Pro
The Sim Pedals Pro is a high-end pedal set for simracing enthusiasts. They carry over almost all of the design elements from the Sim Pedals Ultimate (bar the hydraulic dampers), but are designed to work with typically lower operating forces when compared to these pedals.

This means that the Sim Pedals Pro have a smaller footprint compared to the Sim Pedals Ultimate. With the brake being able to detect forces of up to 55kg, this however still exceeds almost all other commercially available products.

The metal parts from the Sim Pedals Pro have been tumbled before assembly, thus removing any sharp edges from the metal profiles.

When you are a simracing enthusiast and are in doubt whether to acquire our Pro our Ultimate pedals, we advise to go for the Pro’s first. For most simracing enthusiasts our Pro Pedals turn out to be the right choice.

Specs Comparison Chart

The chart below shows the different specifications per pedal set.